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22 years: bäng-dänge-däng-däng

22 years: bäng-dänge-däng-däng

... this is how a short sequence from the piece "Metall auf Metall" (metal on metal), which can be found on the album "Trans Europa Express" by the German band Kraftwerk from 1977, can be described.  And it is precisely this beat, lasting just 2 seconds, that is at...

What the expert knows…

What the expert knows…

In a recently published decision (1), the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) once again addressed the issue of the role of the knowledge of a person skilled in the art in the assessment of inventive step. This provides an opportunity to examine this question...

G 2/21: The Desaster failed

G 2/21: The Desaster failed

After almost two years of waiting, the Enlarged Board of Appeal published their long-awaited - some would say feared - decision G 2/21 on March 23, 2023 (1). In a nut shell: the disaster fails. But in detail: What is it about? Briefly, about the question of the...



After 20 years of experience in top positions in different IP departments in chemical industry, Bernd Fabry founded IP2 in 2006 with the vision to offer assistance, particularly to small and medium-sized enterprises, in the definition, development and implementation of an IP strategy and the handling of industrial IP rights. 


IP offers all legal services, particularly the drafting of patent applications and the prosecution of examination and opposition proceedings in the areas of general chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology and process technology. Currently IP2 is handling a portfolio of more than 2.500 patents and about 5.000 trademarks world-wide.


In the course of the recent years, IP2 has extended its services by providing opinions on both economic and legal questions. We focus on the provision of opinions with respect to company takeovers and the monetary evaluation of IP rights.


Dr. Bernd Fabry

German Patent Attorney, European Patent & Trademark Attorney

Working Areas: (Bio)Chemistry, Process Technology, Trademarks, Inventors compensation law

Bernd Fabry is founder and CEO of IP2. He is a qualified German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney. He has more than 25 years company experience as Head of IP departments. For a decade he was lecturer of IP Management at Otto-Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar and has authored numerous papers and books in the field of IP protection

CONTACT: +49.2166.398.4651 /

Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish

Martin Fabry PhD

Martin Fabry finished his bachelor’s degree in molecular biomedicine at the University of Bonn in 2014 and moved to the US as a visiting scientist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (New York, US) working on improving CRISPR/Cas9 technologies. Following completion of a master’s degree in life and medical sciences in 2016 with emphasis on molecular mechanisms of immunity, Martin started his PhD in Medical Sciences with Cancer Research UK at the University of Cambridge studying genome organisation and stability.

After graduating with his doctorate degree in 2020, Martin worked as postdoctoral fellow in computational biology at the Gurdon Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Cambridge with focus on stem cell development and establishing new technologies for stem cell differentiation.

Martin joined IP2 in 2018 as scientific consultant and started as a patent attorney candidate in late 2021.

Contact: +49 2166 398 4658 /

Languages: German, English

Dipl. Biol. Stefanie Daniels

German Patent Attorney,  European Patent & Trademark Attorney

Working Areas: Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy

Stefanie Daniels is Managing Director at IP2 and also a qualified German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney. She  is specialized on molecular biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, toxicology and pharmacology. 

CONTACT: +49.2166.398.4652 /

Languages: German, English


“Either we will find a way or we create one!”

Hannibal before crossing the alps

Client first

Our philosophy is based on the comprehensive, competent and punctual provision of advice to our clients for an attractive price, which shows that IP management and cost awareness are indeed compatible. Certainly, we also wish to make money, but we do avoid any expenditure that might benefit us but not our client, and pass on this cost advantage to you. One example is our decentralized organization, which relies on an extensive network of cooperation partners in more than 25 countries world-wide.

But eventually pay enormous amounts of money for IP rights that are of no benefit for them. According to our experience, companies, which do not regularly review their patent and trademark portfolio, impro-perly invest between 20 and 30 % of all their cost with respect to the maintenance of these IP rights. This cost can be saved. In addition: companies that have never carried out such a review before could easily save 50 % and more.


Every attorney promises his clients to provide them with the best possible consulting services. However, experience has shown that most of all the good intentions don’t become reality because of the fact that two worlds collide that don’t understand each other. In the following, you will find some absolutely provoking statements of how we imagine proactive and modern IP support.

  • Patents are no scientific publications but means for companies to protect R&D investments and to enforce and expand their market position.
  • Patent protection should stand at the beginning of a project and not at its end.
  • “Time-to-planet” means to file an application as soon as you can define the technical problem and have a concept for its solution.
  • A patent requires novelty – a patent application only requires a clever attorney. A search report without any X-documents proves that the application claims were drafted too narrowly.
  • Anyone who is willing to spend a six digit amount on R&D projects but who finds a four digit amount spent for the saving of this investment is too much behaves careless at best. But in the worst case he harms his company.

Where we are located. In the heart of the lower rhine area

Our office is located in the old oil mill belonging to the Castle of Rheydt, the oldest renaissance castle in North Rhine Westphalia embedded in a birds protection reservation, one of the very few breeding areas of the famous ice bird in Germany. Originally a castle dating from 1060, the palace has evolved over the years to become the palace it is today. The castle’s first documented mention dates to 1180, made by the Cologne Archbishop Philip I when he mentioned revenues that were to be collected from the then castle owner, the Lord of Rheydt, in his corres-pondence. The first Lord of the castle mentioned by name is William of Heppendorf. In the 16th century Otto von Bylandt gave the palace its existing exterior renaissance façade and made this place to the center of the upcoming textile industry.

We build the future

 As of January 1, 2019, we announce the association with our US colleagues Dilworth & Barrese, LLP.


Employee Inventors Rights

Overview of German employee invention law at the „Lunes de Patentes“ event, in particular with regard to employer obligations, inventors compensation and lump-sum remuneration models.

Trademarks as strategic management tools

Learn more about the economic value of trademarks, the registration requirements, the enforcement of marks and go through a number of case studies on the subject of likelihood of confusion. This presentation was given at the WHU Business School Düsseldorf.

More Team Members

Dr. Martin Fabry

+49 2166 398 4658

Dr. David Soilán Rodriguez

+ 49 2166.398.4659

Dr. Lin Gao

49 2166.398.46594 


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