Another bad day for bunnies.

This time it was the purple milk bunny and for a change it was not about the infringement of trademark rights, but about a violation of the labeling obligation for food, which the judges at the Bremen Regional Court had to decide on (12 O 177/20, April 28, 2021).

Consumer advocates had filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer Mondelez, complaining that the list of ingredients on the purple bunny could not be deciphered by consumers because it was also printed in purple lettering.

Interested people need damn good eyes to decipher the tiny little letters.

The lack of contrast and wrinkles in the foil make studying the ingredients even more difficult. Anyone who has ever stood in front of Kandinsky’s painting „white square on a white background“ can certainly understand this. At any rate, this was also the opinion of the judges in Bremen. They stated that mandatory information on food packages such as the list of ingredients must, according to the Food Information Regulation, be displayed „in a conspicuous place, clearly and legibly“. The purple chocolate bunny does not meet these requirements due to its brand design. Next year, Mondelez will be examined to see whether it has visually adjusted the list of ingredients.

If this is not done, the company can be fined up to 250,000 Euros.

We are curious to see which ingredients we will soon find on the Milka bunny.