The Brexit becomes effective

At the end of the year, the transitional period expires and the Brexit becomes effective. Recently, the rules for the extension of Union trademarks to the UK have been clarified:

1. All Union trademarks..

registered or to be registered by 31.12.2020 will automatically become effective for the UK. No application or fee is required. However, the trademarks will all receive a GB registration number.

2. All Union trademarks…

which have been applied for before 30.09.2020 but not granted by 31.12.2020 must be re-applied for in GB, but can rely on the priority of the Union trademark. This is important for trademarks that were applied for more than one year ago but have still not been registered.

3. All union trademarks…

that were applied for after 30.09.2020 and have not yet been granted must of course also be newly applied for and can then of course claim the usual union priority.

4. From 1.1.2021,

trademarks which are to cease to have effect in the UK must be applied for nationally.

5. A GB representative…

is required for the application of new trademarks, for existing trademarks this is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

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