Lunes de Patentes

Under the name „Jornadas de estudio y actualización en materia de patentes“, better known as „Lunes de Patentes“ („Patent Mondays“), specialization days have been organized since 2001 by the Centro de Patentes of the University of Barcelona.
The events, which are held four times a year alternately at the Parc Cientifico in Barcelona and the Spanish Patent Office in Madrid, are open to anyone interested and represent free training events.
Prof. Pascual Segura, head of the Centro de Patentes and initiator of the Lunes de Patentes, has always succeeded in inviting renowned speakers, not only from Spain but also from abroad, presenting a variety of topics relating to patents, designs and know-how.
The last lecture event, which took place on 20.05.2019 in Madrid, covered a wide range of topics from the protection of company know-how to international employee invention law and patent protection for antibodies in Europe.
For the second time after 2002, Bernd Fabry, CEO of IP2 Patentanwalts GmbH, accepted the invitation to the „Lunes“ and gave an overview of the rights of employee inventors to their inventions to the approximately 80 listeners.
In particular, the conference dealt with the apparent conflict between the employee’s work owed to the employer, which basically also includes inventions, on the one hand, and the inventor’s right of ownership to his inventions on the other, which reaches back to German constitution. A further focus was the German Employee Invention Act, in particular with regard to the manifold duties of the employer towards the employee inventor, the calculation of remuneration and models for purchase regulations and lump-sum remuneration. This is therefore also of interest to an international public, since German law has been copied many times and, for example, the regulations in Japan and China are based on it. The lecture was rounded off with overviews of the regulations in the core states of Europe, the USA, Brazil, China, Korea and Japan.
Documentation in both German and English that goes far beyond the lecture can be found here: