In the following, you will find some absolutely provoking statements of how we imagine proactive and modern IP support.

  • Patents are no scientific publications but means for companies to protect R&D investments and to enforce and expand their market position.
  • Patent protection should stand at the beginning of a project and not at its end.
  • “Time-to-planet” means to file an application as soon as you can define the technical problem and have a concept for its solution.
  • A patent requires novelty – a patent application only requires a clever attorney. A search report without any X-documents proves that the application claims were drafted too narrowly.
  • Anyone who is willing to spend a six digit amount on R&D projects but who finds a four digit amount spent for the saving of this investment is too much behaves careless at best. But in the worst case he harms his company.

IP2 offers all legal services, particularly the drafting of patent applications and the prosecution of examination in the areas of general chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology and process technology, as well as all services relating to the area of trademark and design law before the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and IP Office of the European Union (EUIPO).

Currently IP2 is handling a portfolio of more than 2.500 patents and about 5.000 trademarks world-wide.

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