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1. Interpretation of claims in France

2. Industrial Property Rights in Spain

3. Enforcement of industrial property righhts in Korea

4. Contributory patent infringement – the underestimated business risk

5. No compound protection without process use

6. Patent Infringement Worldwide

1. Employee invention law – an international overview

2. Worlwide employee invention law

3. Rights to inventions in China

4. the right of employee-inventors in Austria

  1. How to make investors understand the value  of IP assets
  2. The value of IP from the perspective of an investor
  3.  IP Asset Management
  4. Shipwreck instead of treasure hunting
  1. What an air pump and a DNA have in common
  2. No patent on that poor pig – or how the patented idea is run through the roost
  3. Biopirates in the carribean: the biodiversity guidelines and its implications of patent law

1. A surprise for the golden rabbit

2. Sea-hear-feel: Trademarks for all senses

3. Little Red Riding Hood and the evil wolf – with the evil trademark applicants and valuable rights

4. A bitter pill for sweet rabbits – European Court of Justice and Federal Court confirm case law regarding 3D trade marks

  1.  Keeping what’s yours – Does it still make sense to keep inventions secret?
  2.  Entwicklung und Implementierung von strategischen Patentportfolien
  3.  Integrated IP-Management
  4.  Harmonization of case law in Europe
  1. Enhancing market-oriented R&D planning
  2. Patent portfolio analysis
  3. Three-dimensional evaluation of IP rights
  4. Open innovation strategies for fast moving consumer goods