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Over more than two decades Bernd Fabry and his team are publishing regularly papers and books related to various topics within the field of intellectual property. A specific focus is given to comparison of IP law on an international basis and the Employee Inventors Law, which is much more than a German speciality. The publications are accompanied by a number of presentations which are updated regularly. IP2 would be happy sharing our view on IP with you. Just check our publications and presentations and get your free password to download the specific file. This offer, of course, is limited to non-commercial use; please respect copyright ownership of IP2. For getting access to the files just drop us an email and get started.


“The fate of things to come”
(H.G. Wells)


“As simple as possible – but not simpler”
(Albert Einstein)


„Life is too short to have bad wine“
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)