Risking a 6-digit R&D investment to save a 4-digit IP protection is a bad deal

“IP rights are costly to acquire and to maintain…”

This comment is often heard when the issue of patents, trademarks and related IP rights is discussed. And it is true: mistakes in the field of IP can be dear. However, this does not only concern the protection of your own inventions and the infringement of competing patents.

Companies without a clear strategy and efficient portfolio management

Companies without a clear strategy and efficient portfolio management do not only file inadequate applications, but eventually pay enormous amounts of money for IP rights that are of no benefit for them.

According to our experience, companies, which do not regularly review their patent and trademark portfolio, impro-perly invest between 20 and 30 % of all their cost with respect to the maintenance of these IP rights. This cost can be saved. In addition: companies that have never carried out such a review before could easily save 50 % and more.

Pragmatic solutions instead of academic proposals

Our philosophy is based on the comprehensive, competent and punctual provision of advice to our clients for an attractive price, which shows that IP management and cost awareness are indeed compatible. Certainly, we also wish to make money, but we do avoid any expenditure that might benefit us but not our client, and pass on this cost advantage to you. One example is our decentralized organization, which relies on an extensive network of co-operation partners in more than 25 countries world-wide.

We have extensive experience in companies

Due to our extensive experience in companies we know about the needs of our clients and prefer pragmatic solutions rather than to offer academic approaches which do not lead to a reasonable result within the required time frame.

We also know about costs and budgeting and offer for almost every service cost proposals, fixed prices and – depending on the volume – flat rates.


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