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Our office is located in the old oil mill belonging to the Castle of Rheydt, the oldest renaissance castle in North Rhine Westphalia embedded in a bird’s protection reservation.

Dr. Bernd Fabry

Schlossstraße 523-525
D-41238 Mönchengladbach
Tel.     +49(0) 2166.398.4651
Fax:     +49(0) 2166.398.4650


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“Originally a castle dating from 1060, the palace has evolved over the years to become the palace it is today. The castle’s first documented mention dates to 1180, made by the Cologne Archbishop Philip I  when he mentioned revenues that were to be collected from the then castle owner, the Lord of Rheydt, in his correspondence. The first Lord of the castle mentioned by name is William of Heppendorf. In the 16th century Otto von Bylandt gave the palace its existing exterior renaissance façade and made this place to the center of the upcoming textile industry.

Throughout the 19th century the palace changed hands many times, however the owners were unable to maintain the palace due to the upkeep costs. Gradually the palace fell into disrepair. The palace was purchased by the town of Rheydt from the last private owner in 1917. Since then the palace has undergone some restoration and has been converted into a museum.

The castle of Rheydt is famous for its an annual mediaeval festival and the summer open air music festival, which is also sponsored by IP2.”