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In Rhineland, there is a saying: „Once is chance, twice is accident, three times is custom”. The round of talk at Schlossmühle Rheydt will now take place for the fifth time. Can we already talk about tradition? In any case: for this first little anniversary, we come up with something special and chose the red-hot topic:


When will North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) be the top again?

There are not many doubts that education initiatives are required for the future of Germany in general and for NRW in particular as they form the basis of a positive development in both a social and an economic regard. No matter what you think of the previous government, it is undiscussed that the education sector has become a shambles: in fact, much too many lessons are cancelled and how dramatic the situation actually is cannot be figured out, the G8 abitur is hotly disputed and the efforts for inclusion are well-intentioned but, however, it poses unsolvable problems for schools.

Against this background, we are pleased to welcome NRW’s new Minister of Education Ms. Yvonne GEBAUER as guest speaker in our house. In her speech, she will outline the new CDU/FDP government’s guidelines. Everybody who has followed the developments of recent months will agree that with Ms. Gebauer, a minister has taken the reins who does not only talk but also act.
However, we do not want to make it too easy for Ms. Gebauer. Following her speech, we, therefore, invited for a panel debate. Thereby, we could gain heavy participants:
Ms. Anja KIEHNE, Senior HR manager at Gardeur GmbH in Mönchengladbach, Mr. Peter SILBERNAGEL, chairman of NRW’s Association of Philologists as well as Prof. Berthold STEGEMERTEN, Vice-President of the University of Niederrhein.


The discussion will be moderated by Ms. Denisa RICHTERS, proven manager of the local newsroom Rheinische Post in Mönchengladbach.


We are certain that this is going to be an exciting event and, therefore, we are even more satisfied that the Schloss Rheydt’s lord Dr. Karlheinz Wiegmann spontaneously agreed to not only provide the knight’s hall (Rittersaal) for the event but also the sensational vault cellar (Gewölbekeller) for whiling away.

There, our guests will not only have the chance to exchange views while having a good drink but they will also enjoy the tasty finger food from Gasthaus Stappen.


The event will take place on January 11, 2018 at the knight’s hall of Schloss Rheydt and the entrance will start at 5 pm. Participation is for free but limited. If you are interested, just write an email to docket@ip-two.de.

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