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For the second time IP2 had the opportunity supporting the annual Summermusic Festival, which took place on the Castle of Rheydt in August 2017 for the 11th time.

After BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST in 2016, we were proud presenting again one of the main acts, namely the legendary TEN YEARS AFTER. For those of you who have not grown up in the 70th and were not raised with the music of the Woodstock age, here is a short story of the long career of this band:

Ten Years After cover of their album “A space in time” from 1971

While the roots of TEN YEARS AFTER reach back into late 1960, the original group consisting of Alvin Lee (g) Leo Lyons (b), Chick Churchill (keyb) and Ric Lee (dr) was formed in 1966. As often there are various stories how the band’s name was born: in one version it was a tribute of Alvin Lee to Elvis Presley (“This was ten years after Presley’s successful year 1956”), in another version the name was pulled by Leo Lyons from a magazine, advertising a book “Ten years after the Suez” (referring to the Suez crisis). Since Alvin Lee has passed some years ago and Leo Lyons had left the band in 2014 I asked Ric Lee, which of the stories would be true, but even he was not sure about it.
In 1967 TEN YEARS AFTER released their first album (“Ten years after”) followed by “Undead” which included a first version of the famous song “I’m going home”. In the late 60th first contacts between the Jazz and Rock scene happened, and TEN YEARS AFTER were invited to play for example at the Newport Jazz Festival. Some years later DEEP PURPLE would become the main act at the Montreux Jazz Festival – those were the days!
On August 17, 1967 the band performed the spectacular appearance at Woodstock and their legendary version of “I’m going home” including a 10 minutes guitar solo of Alvin Lee which made the band “cult” until today.
In the following decades TEN YEARS AFTER released more than 20 albums. In 2003 Alvin Lee left the band to start solo projects; he died in 2013. Also the second founder Leo Lyons decided to go own ways. They were replaced by the famous British blues bass player Colin Hodgkinson and guitarist and singer Marcus Bonfanti from Italy. The new formed group has just recently released a new album titled “A sting in the tale”.

It was a warm summer evening, when TEN YEARS AFTER entered the stage in the courtyard of the castle at 9.30 PM. And although Churchill, Lee and Hodgkinson are in their 70th (Bonfanti, who is mid-thirty, is called “the young man”) music came over, strong, heavy and powerful as 30 years ago when I joined a TYA concert for the last time.

Courtyard at the Castle of Rheydt

And a journey in a time machine it was, since titles like “One of these days”, “Baby, won’t you let me rock’n’roll you”, “Once there was a time”, “Good morning little school girl” and many more were released in the early 70th. But also later songs like “Choo Choo Mama” and songs from their latest studio album fit perfectly into the program.
Two times the band members gave solo performances; Colin Hodgkinson let his bass guitar sound like a Gibson and Ric Lee (age of 71!) had a 15 minutes incredible sweat-driving drum solo. Finally, Marcus Bonfanti convinced the crowd with an interpretation of “I’m going home” as close as possible to the original.

Colin Hodgkinson

Marcus Bonfanti

After the show we had the opportunity to have some bottles of beer with the band and it was amazing to see that these bullet-proofed Woodstock veterans are far away from whatever one believes a rock star must behave and look like. In fact, we met some elder British gentlemen, which would perfectly fit in every sophisticated London club.

Veronika Fabry, Ric Lee, Chick Churchill, Marcus Bonfanti, Colin Hodgkinson, Bernd Fabry

When I asked Chick Churchill what is the biggest obstacle for still going on tour, he did not refer to his age, but to be away from his grandchildren. And that was the moment we exchanged photos of our little boys and shared another bottles of Bolten Alt, our local beer speciality which is brewed next to the castle since 1266. Then I asked Ric Lee for his recipe to stay in such good shape and he told me: “2 hours workout every morning, at least two glasses of good red wine in the evening and going to bed quite early”. No more sex and drugs and Rock’n’Roll – so sad .
If you now got thirsty of some good stuff from TYA just switch to our download area and enjoy a 7 minute live version of “I’d like to change the world”.
See you next year again!

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