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The Rhinelander says: „The first time is by mistake, the second time is by chance and the third time is tradition”. Thereby, the summer music which was founded by the WDR4 moderator Günter vom Dorp (see below) and which has celebrated its tenth anniversary now must be counted as custom.


And even this year, Dorp has again created a super program: It was started by the group Münchener Freiheit and followed by the climax of this year’s festival when BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST performed on Saturday evening exclusively sponsored by our office.


1200 viewers arrived plus those who were not able to obtain a ticket anymore and had to acquire a taste for being an onlooker from the castle bridge or park.

And the ones who let their eyes wander through the series noted that most of the people were much older than 40 years. Most of them have not only been accompanied by BJH’s music for years but for centuries: Because it was even in 1964 when John Lees and Woolly Wolstenholme who were both students at Oldham Art School close to Manchester founded the band The Sorcerers which has later become the blues group The Keepers. At the same time, Les Holroyd and Mel Pritchard who have already known each other from preschool age founded the school band Heart And Soul And The Wickeds originated from Oldham. After Wickeds‘ lead guitarist left the group. All remaining 4 founded the band The Blues Keepers in 1966 who had a number of small concerts und who has become the later Barclay James Harvest in 1967.

After more than 20 studio and live albums, the original line up has fallen into two parts in 1998 trying to separately build on the success. As Woolly Wolstenholme and Les Holroyd died, the guitarist John Lees is the only remaining body of the original line up who is known from the butterfly logo on the album “XII” from 1978 and which has virtually become the band’s brand. Despite of John Lees (g, voc), BJH now consists of Craig Fletcher (b, voc), Jez Smith (keyb) and Kevin Whitehead (dr) today.

Guitarist and co-founder John Lees promised that despite of several new songs, the old hits would be played as well and he kept his word: the second song has already been „Child of the universe“, the band’s first hit from 1974 followed by „Poor man‘s Moody Blues“, a winking homage to the band that BJH has been mixed up with back then as well as „On leave“ and the trendy  „Loving is easy“.

They should not have announced it: together with the recording of their latest studio album “North”, the weather changed from a lukewarm evening sky into a sudden rain shower. Even John Lees’ apologies for the suddenly British weather could not appease Peter’s mode. However, the audience stayed relaxed only searching for a shield at beer tents or rather made a great deal with the distributors of transparent rain ponchos.


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